Dusk to Dawn Solar Charge Controller: SCC-24-10A-D2D

Capacity,10A Max
Control System,”Low Loss, Shunt Type”
No Load Current / Quiescent Current,<3mA Output Voltage Drop, <300 mV at 5 A load Input Voltage Drop, <500 mV at 5 A charge Low Voltage Disconnect,21.4V High Voltage Disconnect,28.8V Low Voltage Reconnect,25.4V High Voltage Reconnect,28.7V Protection,Short circuit and overload at load ,Over current from panel ,Reverse polarity of battery and panel ,Reverse current flow from battery to panel ,Lightening protection in panel circuit Application,In door use only ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temperature Range,0¡C to 50¡C Relative Humidity, 95% (non-condensing) Acoustic Noise,²45dB at 1 meter Cooling Method,Natural Degree of Protection, IP 20 DIMENSIONS Cabinet Dimensions(HxWxL)mm,60 X 160 X 120 Cabinet Weight (kg),0.24 Shipping Dimensions (HxWxL)mm,65 X 165 X 125 Shipping Weight (kg), 0.74 Housing Material, Powder coated / painted MS / Plastic BS CERTIFICATIONS Quality Certifications, ISO 9001:2008 WARRANTY Product Warranty Period,1-year limited warranty "Since we are committed to continuous development of our products, the specifications are subject to change without notice." [/table]
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